Clarence Valley Regional Airport

Clarence businesses and residents can fly to Sydney without a stopover.

Need to fly to Sydney?

A short drive to your local airport will have you flying directly from Grafton to Sydney. With the new flight schedule you can leave Grafton at 7am be in Sydney by 9am, attend a meeting or visit a specialist, then catch a flight to be back home in time for dinner. How's that for convenience?

Airport transfers, taxis and hire cars are available for your short drive from Grafton.  Airport location

FREE car parking

REX Airlines flight schedule.

Airport technical information

  • 24 hour operations - no curfew
  • Main runway 1709 metres long & 30 metres wide
  • Equipped with full lighting services to international standards
  • Fees and charges apply to all aircraft using Clarence Valley Regional Airport.  Please refer to the schedule of fees and charges.

Contact details

Phone: 02 6643 0200

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