Incident Notification

All incidents, injuries and near misses must be reported to Council.

All hazards,incidents and injuries must be reported to Council  as soon as reasonable practicable.  Any event that has potential to or has impacted on the health and safety of a person must be reported to the council representative that has engaged your business or is coordinating the event. Council views any minor incident or identified hazard as an opportunity to prevent something more significant occurring in the future. For this reason, all incidents and near misses must be reported.

In the event of an incident or injury please seek medical assisstance first for the injured worker by providing first aid or dialling 000 to request an ambulance if necessary.

Incident reports can also be sent through to

SafeWork NSW Notifiable incident

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 sets out what sort of incidents are notifiable to SafeWork. An incident is notifiable if it arises out of the conduct of a business or undertaking and results in the death, serious injury or serious illness of a person or involves a dangerous incident.

The SafeWork incident notification fact sheet clearly defines when an injury or illness is serious and what is a dangerous incident. It is important that all workers are aware of the varying degrees of injury, illness and incidents so you can determine when you need to notify SafeWork NSW of an event.


Incident - An incident is an unplanned event resulting in, or having the potential to harm a person, the environment or cause damage to property.

Near miss - A near miss is an incident that could have resulted in injury, illness to people, danger to health and/or  damage to property or the environment.

Notifiable incident - An incident where you are legally required to notify SafeWork NSW as outlined in the WHS Act.  An incident is notifiable if it results in the death of a person, a serious injury or illness or is a dangerous incident.

For any notifiable incident, the incident scene must be preserved until released by SafeWork NSW or the relevant regulator.

Reporting Environmental Problems

Contractors and their employee’s are required to notify the relevant Council Contract Supervisor as soon as there is an incident which may cause environmental damage (e.g.a chemical spill or leak)


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