Lodge an Application

We are now accepting and processing development applications (DA) electronically. Hard copy forms and plans are no longer required.

There are three ways to lodge a DA:

  1. Via the NSW Planning PortalFor more information on the Portal including how to register for an account please see the Quick Reference Guides issued by the NSW Department of Planning, Environment and Infrastructure. Construction certificate lodgement is not available.

    Payment for applications lodged through the Portal can also be made online.

    Register to submit an online application

    Lodge a Development Application (DA)

    Lodge a Complying Development Certificate (CDC)

    Or at our customer service centres: 
  2. Electronically - bring in your application forms, plans and supporting documents on a USB
  3. Hard copy - bring in your hard copy documents (or post them to us). An additional $36 scanning fee will apply for hard copy lodgement.

Making sure that your electronic documents and attachments meet our Electronic Application Lodgement Digital Requirements (how you should name, save and the recommended file types) will help us process your application quicker. 

For Information on how to prepare your applications see our DA Information Packs

Frequently asked questions

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Need more help? Contact one of our DA Concierges  Mandy Cronin or  Carmen Landers on 6643 0200, they can guide you through the process.

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