Short-term rental accommodation

NSW Government's Short-Term Rental Accommodation Planning Framework

The NSW Government introduced the short-term rental planning framework to allow for 365 days of short-term rental without any approval being required, but invited councils to request a lesser amount, but not fewer than 180 days. 

Clarence Valley Council has requested the short-term rental be restricted to 180 days in the low density residential areas in many of our coastal villages. 
This will still allow home owners to lease their property for up to 180 days without any approval being required. If more are requested, a formal planning approval would be needed. 

Council has tried to balance the economic opportunities short-term rental brings against the impact on neighbours in the areas where traditional single houses predominate. 

These are the areas where most complaints and issues have arisen, such as the "party house". 

It should be remembered that in other areas where tourist development or residential flat buildings are allowed there is no restriction on the number of nights premises can be let. All hosts and guests, irrespective of the number of nights let or location, will be subject to a code of conduct and registration process managed by the Department of Fair Trading and will be subject to a two strikes and you're out policy.

It should be noted these are draft State Government reforms and are aimed at providing some control over a presently unregulated industry.  Until finalised many hosts are operating in an uncertain legal environment.

If you are unsure what the council recommendations would mean to you, call council on 6643 0200 and ask to speak with a planner.

For more information about the Government’s proposal, visit the NSW Department of Planning website or for more information about the proposed code of conduct, visit Fair Trading website.

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