Petitioning is one of the traditional forms by which the public can have their say on issues affecting them. Council will accept written petitions from persons that have a direct interest in the Clarence Valley Local Government Area, such as residents, landowners, and business owners.

The guidelines for petitioning Council are as follows:

  1. Petitions must be on paper and include the following:
    1. The subject of the petition
    2. Identification of the principal petitioner
    3. Name, address, phone number or email address, and signatures in original writing of each petitioners
    4. Petitions  should  be  prepared  on  the  form  prescribed 
  2. The subject of the petition must be limited to items where Council has responsibility or control. If the petition  relates to a matter  over which Council has no responsibility or influence  Council will return the petition to the principal petitioner and, where possible, provide information as to where the petition should be re-directed.
  3. Petitions  that  are  vexatious,  abusive,  propose  action  that  is  unlawful,  or  are  otherwise inappropriate will not be considered.
  4. If a report on the subject matter of the petition has already been prepared then the petition will be included as an attachment.  However if no report has been prepared at the time the petition is received than a report shall be prepared and presented to the relevant Committee. 
  5. To  avoid  breaches  of  the  privacy  legislation,  petitions  shall  not  be  included  in  the attachments to the Business Paper but only tabled at Council meetings.

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